Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror-Volume 4

For readers who love horror and appreciate a good scare. If limbs being hacked off make you queasy, don’t read this book. Otherwise, enjoy the horror!


The nightmares include:

CRAWLSPACE: Two reporters interview a strange humpbacked man in a house where gruesome experiments were conducted by previous owners.

NO REST FOR THE DEAD: A gravedigger provides fresh cadavers for medical research and makes a killing.

JUMPER: A patrol officer discovers a lovesick young man on a bridge contemplating suicide.

THE ABHORRENT CLUB: A group of depraved multimillionaires sponsor a freak show for their annual event.

DEAD: A young man killed in an automobile accident ten years ago visits his parents.

VAMPIRE: After a woman and her son move to town, a serial killer begins a reign of terror.

BUG: A professor is propositioned by a student who offers him sex for an “A.”

STRANGER IN THE RAIN: Two strangers meet in the deserted pool area of a large resort hotel with a storm threatening.

CONVERTIBLE BANDITS: Two travelers take a tip to save time by taking a shortcut on a lonely road not on their map.

PANDORA’S BOX: A man learns the love of his life can only marry him if he promises never to open her black box.

THE MONSTER NEXT DOOR: An apartment dweller is convinced his next door neighbor is a monster.

THE WALL: A rich playboy discovers an island with an enormous wall, Japanese soldiers, and a village of pygmy cannibals.

THE GREAT ZANDINI: A man hypnotized in a nightclub act becomes involved in a murder plot.


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