Mystery and romance on board The Titanic.


Beckett MacKenzie is the heir to a banking fortune and is expected to join the family firm, a prospect that conflicts with his dream to write a novel. He boards the Titanic with a blank book purchased in a market in Morocco that the seller promises has the power to change lives.
Carrington St. Clair is a wealthy young woman who has disappointed her parents by refusing to agree to marry the titled Englishman they have chosen for her. An avid student of Egyptology, she hopes that the rumor that a mummy is part of Titanic’s cargo is true.
Beckett makes a bet with his father that he will be able to have a first draft of his novel before the boat docks in New York, otherwise he will give up the notion of writing and take his place in the family business. Carrington sets out to discover if a mummy is indeed on board. Once childhood playmates, the two are reunited aboard the ‘ship of dreams’ and fall in love, not knowing, of course, that the voyage is doomed. Will they be able to change the direction of their own lives and decide to follow their hearts and dreams before the ship collides with an iceberg?


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Lynn Murphy is a certified teacher with endorsements in Art and English. She has a degree in Journalism and Art from Mercer University and is married with two sons. She lives in a small town south of Atlanta, GA. A two time recipient of the Margot Stern Strom Teaching Award from Facing and a semi finalist for the Irena Sendlar Award, she is the author of a number of novels in the genres of historical fiction, YA, contemporary fiction and inspirational romance.