Codename Angel

A close encounter at an RAF Base in the north of England.
Strange objects seen in the skies above Great Britain.
A mysterious stranger with the ability to see the future.
A tense standoff between Russian and American warships in the North Sea.


When Cambridge physicist Professor Ralph Frederick is summoned to the office of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill he is given a very unusual task.
Frederick is put on a top secret committee Codenamed Angel who’s role it is to investigate flying saucer sightings which have been happening up and down the United Kingdom. Frederick’s world is turned upside down, as a diehard sceptic is soon turned when he encounters beings from another world.

Set during the 1950s Codename Angel packs a mixture of Cold War tension and flying saucer paranoia. Based on real life flying saucer sightings and drawn from a memo that Winston Churchill actually wrote in 1952.

Codename Angel is a blend of intrigue, science fiction and hidden history. The first in a book series that spans the second half of the 20th Century and beyond.


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