Haunting on the Bayou

Deep down in the outskirts of New Orleans, a group of friends decide to do some ghost hunting in the most haunted house in the Big Easy. From sadists to hoodoo ladies, the only ones that the friends know they can trust is each other.


Ken Vega wants to be a ghost hunter. After getting his girl Eliza, and their two best friends, Jack and Marina, on board, they head down to Deveaux Manor, a house with more hauntings than even Madame Dalphine LaLaurie’s own house in the French Quarter.

After doing whatever research they can, they head own to try and cleanse it. Once they’re down there, they soon realize that the hauntings aren’t what they appear to be. With a dark history filled with sadism and hoodoo gone wrong, can they cleanse the house from the deathly atmosphere?


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Straight from the nauseating sunshine of California, Jeff Martinez was born to be a deviant little freak, waving his banner of literary madness boldly, proudly! Feeling at home within the tragedy of Frankenstein’s Monster and Phantom of the Opera, he trained himself to be at least somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to the paranormal and psychology.

He’s always loved monsters and ghosts. But the more he watched horror flicks the more he was convinced that the macabre died out completely in the 8Os, unless it was on a kid’s show.  Thrillers gave him the real chills. Ever see the Others or Secret Window?

Eventually, he fell in love with two more related concepts; the Haunted Mansion and the Skeleton Key. Compelled to create a story by distorting the two concepts into a monster of itself, he finally made a monster for all the boils and ghouls in the deep south.