Fifty Shades of Rey

A sardonic, comical, and compassionate examination of men available in the dating pool


“Fifty Shades of Rey” profiles approximately fifty men a woman might meet in the dating pool, especially if she is using online dating sites. The men in this fictional collection are realistic. I poke fun at a few of the characters and shed light into the lives of a few who operate from a place of great fear and disharmony. For many characters, I have great compassion. For others, I only hope women can avoid them in the dating world. The men in this collection are classified according to their wealth, starting with a couple of millionaires and ending with eight men in poverty. “Fifty Shades of Rey” looks at modern dating through a comic lens at times, while also pointing out the serious, complexities of modern relationships.


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Lindsay C. Lightfoot did not set out to write a book of erotica.  This book chose her.  Under a different name, Lightfoot is a Creative Writing professor, public speaker, avid hiker, and most of all a woman who sends love and healing to the planet.  She meditates daily and practices yoga as well as other healing arts.  Lightfoot has spent considerable time in India and other remote parts of the globe.  She loves exploring other countries and cultures.  She has published in academic journals but this is her first book of experimental fiction.  She plans to continue this series. cover for triciajpeg fiftyshadesofreypic;