The Lost Heir (The Dragonath Chronicles, Book 1)

A young man from Earth is transported to another planet where he discovers there’s much more to his past than he was taught. Able to wield their magic, he must master it to save both worlds from destruction and do all he can to convince the people of Dragonath that he’s the rightful heir to the throne.

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Always a meticulous planner, Darrak Hunter leads a typically straightforward and dull life until his dreams unexpectedly become plagued with visions of a peculiar and distant world. Waking up to a brilliant purple sun looming ominously in the sky, Darrak is met by a mysterious violet-eyed sorcerer who whisks him away from the struggling Earth.

Thrown into the clutches of a foreign world where magic is reality and not all is as it seems, Darrak embarks on a journey where he is forced to come to terms with his past and do what he can to shape the future. Accompanied by a talented swordswoman, a prince, and a beautiful young sorceress, he must overcome cunning plots of treachery and betrayal to discover the strength to stand against a destructive black magic and an enemy who is a master at deception.


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AO0714_003Andi O’Connor is the award winning author of the fantasy series The Dragonath Chronicles, The Vaelinel Trilogy, and The Legacy of Ilvania. Andi’s first YA novel, Silevethiel, was named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2013. Her short story Redemption, is a Kindle Book Review, 2014 Kindle Book Awards Semifinalist. Andi is a member of the National Writers Association and the Boston Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and three dogs. You can connect with Andi on Twitter @OConnorAndi and on Facebook at