Knights of the Wizard (book #2) “of Knights and Wizards”

“Knights of the Dragon by A. j. Gallant is another of his “guided tours” into a land full of fantasy, magic, dragons and knights from long ago. Often humorous, sometimes sweet, this adventure will carry its reader off into another land and another time. Marcus is a delightfully caring character, still fumbling through his youth. His perseverance to control his magic is actually quite admirable and the bravery he shows, remarkable.”

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Knights of the Dragon:

Leander is under siege. It seems their wizard is dying and their protective shield is failing.

A dragon befriends a boy and hires knights to save his kingdom. Alexa is a match for any man, except perhaps for Stone; they’ve had eyes for one another for years though neither will admit it. A dragon is born that turns out to be a wizard, a rare dragon indeed.

Marcus is a TarCranian wizard, the cream of the crop. But 12-year-old must gather his wits about him if he is to save the kingdom, only he can’t quite get the hang of the wizard thing, far too much to learn for an impatient young fellow. It will take years to gather experience and they don’t even have months. And his spell casting while sleepwalking makes everything that much more complicated and frightening.

He’s distracted enough now without adding a female to grab his attention, but he’s captured by Raina’s pretty face.

It’s a tale of wizards, dragons, romance and knights.


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