Knights of the Dragon (book #1) “of Knights and Wizards”

Twelve-year-old Marcus is accidentally transformed into a wizard, and he’s having a terrible time of it. He is unable to get any spells to work properly, and even worse he accomplishes magic in his sleep, making the castle’s occupants run from him. Will he be banished from his own kingdom? He must befriend a dragon if he is to have any any hope of saving his kingdom from being overrun by invaders.
Stone, Leeander’s top knight and Princess Alexa are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best, but it doesn’t look good. And does Stone actually have eyes for the Princess?

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Five Stars

“In a fantasy land full of knights and young boys, dragons of all colors and powers, kingdoms and wars, Knights of the Dragon by A. J. Gallant will take you away from your everyday reality and hold you captive to an amazing tale with his ingenious writing style! Am I going to give you a book report? Nope, this is too good to spoil with more than a brief recap, but I will say, I have learned more about dragons than I ever knew! I was mesmerized by this story, starting with a young boy who braves a high mountain to discover the lair of a family of dragons, befriending one young dragon and beginning on his journey to his destiny. In a land where the kingdom with the most powerful wizard could rule all and dragons could be trained or spelled to serve as an air force of sorts, fierce battles were common, castles were common and the feel was medieval, but, the dialogue was modern, with no apologies! Designed to enthrall younger readers, this fast-paced tale will enchant even the most “mature” reader, thanks to A. J. Gallant’s ability to color his pages with his words and paint a scene you can feel, taste and touch.

I learned that even dragons have prejudices that can be overcome! Love conquers all and that the legend regarding wizard dragons is true! Oh, and baby dragons are born talking and act just like little kids, except for the fire-breathing part! Get the idea I loved this book? Loved the style? The story? YEP! I did and I highly recommend it as a wonderful escape from reality and its daily drudgery.

When an author can create like this, you know they love their work and it’s a joy to read! The details will astound you, yet are not overwhelming, making it perfect for every age! I want to thank A. J. Gallant for the opportunity to read and share my thoughts on Knights of the Dragon.”



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