Cool Cat: Cat Tales: Freddy the Cat: Magical Fables: Entertaining Stories

Cool Cat: The one and only Freddy the Cat!


Get ready to join the one and only Freddy the Cat, who through his very unique cat’s-eye view, will share with you his wide range of entertaining stories in a heartfelt and captivating way. Interestingly, Cool Cat’s magical fables—as you accompany Freddy on his daily adventures—will indirectly inspire you to improve your own relationships with others and live more happily and peacefully in the future.

Through a great variety of unique encounters in the 18 cat tales, you’ll get to know many curious characters, such as: his girlfriend Snowball, Freddy’s caretakers, Willy the Worm, the Bristle Brush Salesman, a furious neighbor dog, a feline goddess, an angry bee, an invader kitty houseguest, a trip to his cat friend Bingo’s home, the devilish Bulb Master, Frida the Frog, a ghost cat, and an ever-hungry air-sucking creature.

The Cool Cat Book Series forms a part of Tygo Lee’s thought-provoking inspirational stories, fairy tales, fantasy fables, cat fables, and reflections. And with Freddy the Cat, there will never be a dull moment!


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Tygo Lee’s books are different—find out why!

From the serious to the carefree and humorous, these entertaining and inspirational stories, magical fables, fairy tales, and reflections will indirectly motivate you to contemplate your own life so as to improve your relationships with those around you and live more happily and peacefully. And if you love cats, there are a great number of cat tales included in his works too.

Open your mind to new ideas and your heart to new feelings.

Tygo Lee—tales for you.

Feel good. Live well. Enjoy life.