Astrid V.J.

Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings’ Tale

What do you do when your mother is killed by witches and you have no one to train you? Elisabeth falls in love. Sure, she tries to teach herself magic, but Richard is rather distracting. Can we blame her?


Teenage Elisabeth returns home after a prolonged stay at finishing school to find her mother at death’s door. Her mother confides her with a secret. Elisabeth is a magic user and must learn to wield her power to protect herself from a coven of witches who would seek to use her magic against the rulers of the kingdom of Vendale. Elisabeth endeavours to learn magic, but becomes distracted by her brother’s best friend as their romance blossoms. Meanwhile, the witches plot and their web ensnares Elisabeth. Can she overcome their Machiavellian plan? Can she succeed against insurmountable odds?

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