Family Forever – Young Lovers

The struggle of teenage girls when they marry at eighteen.


Emma confronts Brad about dating her while he was engaged to someone else. He convinces her that he is no longer engaged and only wants to be with her. She believes him and they start dating exclusively, but Brad still likes the party scene. He gets himself in a bad situation and is thrown in jail. Emma’s parents forbid her to date him. She disobeys them and continues seeing him. Their chemistry together is strong, and Brad asks Emma to marry him.
Jani, Emma’s twin, parents are not happy about her dating Nate, who works as a horse groomer. She lies to her parents about her work schedule so she can sneak more time to be with him. Not finding him at work one day, she goes to where he rents a room and discovers him in a drug induced stupor.
The twins graduate from high school and Jani doesn’t come home after Prom night. Her father, Harry, finds her spending the night with Nate and there is a huge family blowup. Later, Jani is faced with the dilemma of how to tell Nate she is pregnant.
Emma and Jani find full-time jobs where they both experience discrimination against women in the workplace.
After Jani shares her situation with her sister that she is pregnant, they come up with a solution by having a double wedding ceremony. Before she marries Nate, Jani wants to find his mother who he has not seen for over ten years.
Both marriages have difficulties. Brad’s work assignment only allows him to be home every other weekend, and he still likes to party with his buddies. Not the best way to start a marriage. While driving drunk, Brad passes out and hits a palm tree totaling his car, and ends up in the hospital.
Nate promises that, after the baby is born, he will stop using drugs and dealing out of their garage. He doesn’t keep his promise and becomes physically abusive to the point that Jani takes her baby and moves home. A custody battle follows.
Despite all the family dysfunctions going on with their twin daughters’ marriages, Harry and Franny do what is necessary to maintain the family unit, while Harry is battling colon cancer.
Like many families, if there are moments when life seems to run smoothly, it is only the quiet before the storm.


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Tamara lives by a motto of unconditional love for her family. She believes that no matter what happens in your life, your family is forever. Although the novel, “Family Forever,” is fictional, she drew her inspiration from family incidents and people she has met during her fifty-six years of marriage, and a successful career woman for forty.

Since Tamara was born and raised in Pomona, California, she decided to set “Family Forever” in the place she knows best. Stores located in downtown Pomona in the early 50s and the burning of Pomona High School, which she attended, are all real.

She writes from her home in La Verne, California. The series is five books, covering five generations.

Her first two books, Family Forever, In The Beginning, and Young Lovers are currently available on in paperback and Kindle. Betrayal and Blessing is the third book in the series and will be followed by Book IV, Tragedy, Tears and Trust released in summer 2016. Book V – Decisions – is a work in progress.