Family Forever – Betrayal and Blessings

Teenage girls learn the hard way how following their heart can lead to trouble.


Betrayal and Blessing is the third book in the Family Forever series. This series covers five generations growing up in Pomona Valley. The families tackle the ties that bind and the hardships that threaten to undo the family unit.
When Eric encounters his long-lost love, Jani, they cannot deny their feelings and rekindle the relationship they’d ended as teenagers. But as their relationship grows more serious, Jani wonders if Eric will accept the responsibility of taking on her young daughter, Angie, and if his parents will approve of Eric, their only child, marrying a divorced woman. When Eric and Jani marry, changes in the family dynamics throw the emotional equilibrium they’d worked so hard to achieve into jeopardy.
Meanwhile, Jani’s twin sister, Emma and her husband, Brad, vow to strengthen their marriage as they start their family while their relationship evolves with life changes.
Through it all, Jani and Emma’s grandmother, Isla, offers support and care for her family. She befriends a stranger which creates suspense to the story line. But when her own health takes a turn for the worse, she must rely on her daughter, Franny, who is already stretched to her limits.
A sprawling saga about real people and real families of strong women who continue to rely on each other and of their belief that nothing can sever the family bond. Betrayal and Blessings offers all the intrigue and drama of the best soap operas.


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Tamara lives by a motto of unconditional love for her family. She believes that no matter what happens in your life, your family is forever. Although the novel, “Family Forever,” is fictional, she drew her inspiration from family incidents and people she has met during her fifty-six years of marriage, and a successful career woman for forty.

Since Tamara was born and raised in Pomona, California, she decided to set “Family Forever” in the place she knows best. Stores located in downtown Pomona in the early 50s and the burning of Pomona High School, which she attended, are all real.

She writes from her home in La Verne, California. The series is five books, covering five generations.

Her first two books, Family Forever, In The Beginning, and Young Lovers are currently available on in paperback and Kindle. Betrayal and Blessing is the third book in the series and will be followed by Book IV, Tragedy, Tears and Trust released in summer 2016. Book V – Decisions – is a work in progress.