45 Flash Fiction tales

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Marc Nash’s fifth collection of flash fiction and his most daring and innovative yet. Tales of Military Bands, Flea Circuses, Dying Languages, Witch Trials, Drones, Gumshoes, Bedroom Physics, Death Squads, Blind Lovers, Junky Angels, Poker Tics, Thermal Imaging Voyeurism, Recycling Etiquette, Plastic Surgery Zombies… 44 tales they didn’t teach you at school


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Marc Nash has written four novels and is about to publish his fifth collection of flash fiction. All push at the boundaries of language and narrative form. From time travelling assassins confounded by Schrodinger’s Cat and The Butterfly Effect, through to exiled gangster’s molls, to suicide bombers and the journey to religious extremism, Nash uses the form and structure of his novels to build layers of meaning and interpretation over and above that of the words themselves. Nash is not afraid to tackle the large ideas and questions of our time.

“Just Aphasia Going Through” – kinetic typography short story  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6pFwk_NJaY