Echo from Mount Royal

You’ve fallen in love with a wealthy, handsome man and your romantic dreams have come true…

except your fiancĂ©’s family hates you.


Montreal, 1951. Rebecca Wiseman, 18 years old, from a Catholic-Jewish family, lives with her parents in Outremont. At a local dance, she briefly meets a handsome young man, but has little hope of seeing him again. When Sol Gottesman tracks her down and asks her on a date, her joy mingles with disbelief when she learns he is the son of a wealthy Westmount businessman.

When Sol takes her in a chauffeured Rolls-Royce to the most expensive restaurant in the city, Rebecca enters a world of upper-class wealth and privilege unknown in her working-class family. Despite the usual bumps in any relationship, Rebecca believes her life is perfect.

She soon learns that despite Sol’s outward charm, he lacks self-confidence. On a visit to Mount Royal overlooking the city, Sol reveals the simmering conflicts in his family and his fears that his brother plans to drive him out of the family business. Rebecca’s wants to protect Sol, but helping him stand up to his family, puts her squarely in the midst of it all.

Class, religion, family secrets and sexual inexperience test their love and Rebecca struggles to control events. And then, a late night telephone call changes her life forever.


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I grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts, graduating from Arlington High School in 1964. I attended Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, majoring in English literature. During my junior year, I studied Shakespeare and the Romantic Poets at Oxford University and travelled in Europe between terms.

DaveRieseAfter graduating in 1968, I enlisted in the Air Force one step ahead of my draft board’s invitation to join the army and travel to Vietnam. I married Susan, my high school girlfriend, during leave between tech school and my posting to the Philippines at Clark Air Base. During my final two years in the military, my wife and I lived near Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington D.C.

Discharged from the military in 1972, I attended Boston University on the GI Bill for a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism. The following summer, I was hired by the University of New Hampshire to script and film videotapes about government social programs for the elderly.

My videotape grant ran out in 1976, but luckily at that time, companies were eager to hire people for their IT departments. Although I had no computer experience, I was hired by Liberty Mutual Insurance to attend their three-month training course. I learned later that the major reason I was hired was my writing and communications background. An English degree can be a valuable asset!

During my 35 years in information technology, I worked in the financial and insurance industries. I retired from Massachusetts Financial Services in spring of 2012.

My wife and I moved north of Boston in 1974. Our daughter lives in Ireland with her husband. Our son and his wife are both pediatricians working in Rhode Island. We have four grandchildren.

Echo from Mount Royal is my first book. I call it my fifth grandchild.