Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun

In the 2012 countdown as the Maya calendar ends, an ancient Maya priestess calls across centuries to a modern woman, whose recurrent dream compels journeys to jungle-shrouded Maya ruins. She learns hidden wisdom and enacts mystical ceremonies to aid the planet, while facing dark shamanic forces and confronting her husband’s ultimatum.


Can dreams be portals into the ancient Maya world? ER nurse Jana Sinclair’s recurring dream compels her to embark on a journey to jungle-shrouded Maya sites, where she encounters mysterious forces linking her with the ancient Maya priestess Yalucha. Her reluctant husband Robert is swept along into unsettling experiences with his own Maya connections. Their lives weave into events during the fluorescence of Tikal, Uxmal and Chichen Itza. Yalucha, a priestess of Ix Chel, is mandated to take her people’s esoteric wisdom underground to save it from the Conquistadors. In the final decade of the Great Cycle ending in 2012, these truths must be resurrected for successful transit into the new age, the Fifth Sun. Responding to the call across centuries, Jana risks everything she holds dear, putting her marriage in jeopardy to re-enact the ritual. She must contend with dark shamanic forces bent on preventing her sacred mission, as well as her husband’s devastating ultimatum—and activates forces that will heal or destroy their relationship.


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Leonide (Lennie) Martin: Retired California State University professor, former Family Nurse Practitioner, currently author and Maya researcher. My books bring ancient Maya culture and civilization to life in stories about both real historical Mayas and fictional characters. For historical accuracy, I researched Maya archeology, anthropology and history from the scientific perspective. For indigenous viewpoints, I studied with Maya teachers including Aum Rak Sapper, Guatemalan Priestess-Daykeeper and Hunbatz Men, Itza Maya Elder-Daykeeper. I lived in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico for five years to apprentice with Hunbatz Men, becoming a Solar Initiate and Maya Fire Woman in the Itza Maya tradition. The ancient Mayas created the most highly advanced civilization in the Western hemisphere, and my work is dedicated to their wisdom, spirituality, scientific and cultural accomplishments through compelling historical novels. For more information about my writing and the Mayas, visit:

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