Road to Heaven

A true story based also on author experiences of totally corrupted British justice system in Northern Ireland.

More By: Veiko Herne
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Jeremy is in prison. He have no idea why and he hopes God will correct this madness for him. Teenager Christine suffers stigmata. Together with deacon Lorcan they try to reason Judge Julie that Jeremy is innocence without any luck. And then God interferes.


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Veiko Herne was born in Tallinn, Estonia during Soviet Union occupation era. During this period, he managed a pirate radio station and recorded music not supported by communistic regime. After Estonian independence and during reconstruction period, he started and managed a succesful computer software company.

His life has taken him to Singapore, Mslasya, India, Indonesia, Philiphines, etc.

For a period of life, he lived in Manhattan, New York making good return from his investments to Nasdaq stocks and was trying to sell his software products to US.

After Georg W. Bush started his wars, he went back to his own country facing corruption and cretinism there, related Estonia joining to economically devasted European Union.

Currently he is just hitchhiking around southern Europe and writing eBooks selling thru Amazon.