Diary of a Serial Killer

Get inside the mind of a killer.

He looks like the boy next door.
He could be the young man dating your daughter or sister.
He could be the boy who cuts your lawn.
He considers himself an artist, creating twisted art using human canvases.
Leaving a trail of once beautiful, but now shattered, female bodies in his wake, he always stays one step ahead of the police.
He is highly organized.
He is highly motivated.
He does not believe he can be caught.
And the body count is rising…..

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Get inside a killer’s mind like never before; prepare to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into a violent psychopath’s first-person account of his crimes

As a police officer in a small New England town, the author has the law enforcement experience to craft a suspenseful crime tale like no other. Diary alternates from the point of view of the killer and the police officers pursuing him, so it is both a grim psychological insight into a killer’s mind and a realistic police procedural tale. Shawn Davis has also authored six books from various genres: historical non-fiction, science fiction, supernatural horror, and action/adventure.

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“Where to even start! Fast paced page turner! Dark! There are times, you are thinking what the hell! The way the author writes this book, gives you a feel as if you are in the mind of the main character…creepy! This is an absolute amazing thriller that will keep you glued from start to end and keeps you guessing!” – Peggy Salkill

“If you like crime/horror stories, buy this book! Moves quickly and definitely makes you want to read on so you see what happens next. Graphic (but not gratuitously so) and suspenseful.” – Sandra Beccia

“If you ever want to know what is in the mind of a serial killer, read this book. Thanks to the author’s background you plunge head first into the story and the fine details make it come to life. As a victim of bullying myself I can identify with the “bad guy”. Although it was never to the extent of his and I never went on a killing spree. A very well written book, I couldn’t put it down.” Natasha Skinner


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Shawn Davis grew up in the small town of Holliston, Massachusetts. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Salem State University. He works as a police officer in a small New England town. He also worked as a police lieutenant at a New England College for eleven years. Shawn’s background in law enforcement lends authenticity to his crime thrillers.

Shawn is also the co-author of the real-life WW II adventure, Never Surrender, with his Great Uncle and protagonist of the story, Earl Anderson. Never Surrender is the true story of Earl’s incredible experiences fighting the Japanese in the Philippines and then surviving for three and a half years as a POW in Yokohama, Japan.

Shawn also co-authored the Sci-Fi Thriller, Revolution, with his friend from high school, Robert Moore. Revolution is a high-tech, adrenaline-fueled, action-adventure story about a violent future rebellion in the United States.

Shawn also authored the edgy horror thriller, Blood Kiss, which details the reign of terror of a coven of beautiful female vampires at a small New England college.
In addition, Shawn authored the gritty crime thriller, American Criminal, which describes a former cop’s struggle to survive in prison after being set up by his corrupt partners on a drug force tactical team.

In the novel, Bounty Hunter, an indomitable anti-hero drives an armored battle-car through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, fighting a deadly array of post-nuke enemies.
In the horror novel, The Soulless, written with co-author Mark Mackey, an army of zombies and genetically engineered monsters is let loose by a female mad scientist working for the government.

Finally, in Diary of a Serial Killer II: Ice Man, Shawn follows up his first popular horror novel in the Serial Killer Series by introducing a deadlier psychopath based on the notorious Ice Man, Richard Kuklinski. The victim-turned-heroine in Book I, Tracey Randall, returns as an indomitable detective tracking the killer in Book II.