Tragedy, Tears & Trust

Hardship continues for Emma and Jani. The families are faced with managing crushing responsibilities while their strongest support crumbles.


My series is wrapped around the following principals: Isla, is Franny’s mother. Franny is married to Harry and they have twin girls Jani and Emma. Harry is dying of cancer.
Jani is married to Eric. She has a daughter, Angie from a previous abusive marriage, and together they have a daughter, Nicki.
Emma is married to Brad, they have two boys, Luke and Sean. In previous books, Brad was a player but seems to have settled down, now with a family.
Jani’s husband, Eric, wealthy parents were killed in a plane crash and he has inherited their family ranch in Chino, Calif. The ranch is a thoroughbred horse breeding business. (the crash was covered in Book 3) Eric is planning a trip to Nashville where two of the race-horses are being trained. While there he meets Beth Ann, the daughter of the trainer. She tries to seduce Eric, but he stays true to his wife. (this time)
Jani’s ex, Nate, reappears. (He is all 3 previous books)He stalks Jani and their daughter, Angie. He shows up at a park to see Angie. He is seen parked outside Jani’s parent house, and shows up at the ranch while Eric is in Nashville. When Eric returns he hires a private investigator who deals with Nate and runs him out of town.
Harry is starting Chemo treatments and falls in the bedroom and has to go to the hospital. Isla is currently living with Franny and Harry, because she had a stroke when she found out that the assistant pastor she befriended, stole all her money from the sale of her house and all her furniture. He has never been located. Later she falls and breaks her hip and is now wheelchair bound.
Having difficulty caring for Harry and Isla, Franny decides to move Isla to a group home. Isla is mean about the move and tells Franny she will go to Hell for moving her there. Isla is also showing signs of dementia.
Eric takes a weekend trip to Del Mar racetrack to check out some horses for sell and runs into Beth Ann again. They have a one night stand and the following day, coaxed by Beth Ann, Eric buys a Jaguar. Jani tries to get a hold of him because Harry has been rushed to the hospital and dies.(He is fifty yrs old) Upset that she can’t reach Eric, she has an auto accident leaving the hospital. (Nothing serious, but spends a night in the hospital)
There are a lot of emotions during the process of finding a casket for Harry and planning the burial service that will take place at the ranch.
Jani calls the Jaguar dealership, acting like Eric’s secretary, and finds out that Beth Ann was with him when he bought the Jag and accuses him of having an affair. She leaves him and takes the girls to stay with her mother. (Franny) They work through it and get back together. Trust becomes a big issue. Later she finds out she is pregnant. She is not happy about it because her life is not in a good place, and there are problems with the pregnancy. (baby will not be born until next book)
Franny talks about selling her house and going to work. Her savings is gone due to Harry’s hospital bills.
First Christmas without Harry. Christmas Eve, Luke, (Emma’s son) has a convulsion. Everyone is worried. A month later he has another one. Emotional hospital scene.
Franny meets a man a church. They go for a few lunch dates and then she finds out he is married. She’s furious that he had lied to her and with herself for dating a married man.
Final straw is when the owner of the group home where Isla is staying tells Franny they can no longer keep her and she needs to be moved to a convalescent home.


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Tamara lives by a motto of unconditional love for her family. She believes that no matter what happens in your life, your family is forever. Although the novel, “Family Forever,” is fictional, she drew her inspiration from family incidents and people she has met during her fifty-six years of marriage, and a successful career woman for forty.

Since Tamara was born and raised in Pomona, California, she decided to set “Family Forever” in the place she knows best. Stores located in downtown Pomona in the early 50s and the burning of Pomona High School, which she attended, are all real.

She writes from her home in La Verne, California. The series is five books, covering five generations.

Her first two books, Family Forever, In The Beginning, and Young Lovers are currently available on in paperback and Kindle. Betrayal and Blessing is the third book in the series and will be followed by Book IV, Tragedy, Tears and Trust released in summer 2016. Book V – Decisions – is a work in progress.