Pebbles on a Beach: Short Stories

Pebbles on a Beach is a collection of nine short stories with a mix of horror, humour, and underlying implications.

More By: Joseph Edward Denham
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White Fox

An aged man finds himself snowed in and caring for an abandoned newborn baby girl, and when his heart fails he must find a way of saving the child, but this is no ordinary child.

Part Rabbit

A father commits to house a pet rabbit and finds himself in a battle with the vicious animal and struggles to deal with the moral implications of his actions.

The Piano

A man reminisces about his grandmother and the strange and dangerous legacy of her bloodline. He is faced with a choice, and both will result in his death.

Hope’s Troll
A young girl is bullied by a troll and faced with a life of depression she takes on the sword of justice herself.

Left Eye

Two old friends drink in a bar and chat about old times until they end up carrying on their partying only to find horror awaits them in a situation where someone must die.

Room 213

A young family spend a weekend in a hotel rebuilt after a disastrous fire and the holiday goes as planned until the legacy of their room corrupts them.


Inspired by a family get-together, a grandfather talks nostalgically and must look back at his sinful life when the progeny of his misspent past arrives on his doorstep.

Who’s been eating my porridge?

An isolated family living in the woods live a natural life, however there is always a threat on the horizon, and one day they come face to face with it.

Mercy Hospital

An old man goes to a hospital, however not an ordinary hospital, and rails against the callous behaviour of the medical staff and converses with people long since dead yet somehow alive, in a sense.


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Joseph Edward Denham was born in Dublin, Ireland and lives on coffee, sugar, and some indescribable canteen food that seems easier to eat than nothing in his day-job, and is typically found with children attached, which leaves him precious little time to spend time in his favourite place, his head.