Back to Santa Fe

(Writing as W.T. Durand) Sullivan Ortega has just returned to his empty childhood home in Santa Fe to pay his respects to the last of his family, his sister Maggie, killed in a single-car crash. He’s trying to put his life back together, but along with a bad temper, he’s got few prospects or real friends. Learning what happened is taking him somewhere he doesn’t want to go back to . Second chances can get messy.


Maggie’s accident may not be an accident at all. Sullivan’s anger is misdirected, unfocused and about to bring him more trouble than he can handle easily. He’s out of work and only his dog McCallister to keep him company while he paces around the empty house. There are clues everywhere, but he can’t make sense of them… until the police get involved after McCallister digs up something grisly in the back yard. Sullivan finds there are friends he didn’t know he had, including the girl he dumped before leaving town the first time… he’d better thank his lucky stars.


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Richard Sutton