Peter Quinton and CR Bravo

Twilight of the Gods

A sumptuous graphic novel which takes a glimpse of the old Greek Gods living in retirement in New York. A collaboration between the New York artist CR Bravo and the Australian author Peter Quinton.


The Gods were already old when talk started of retirement. They had not lost any of their superhuman powers. But their reasons for unleashing an earthquake, a flood, a storm of wildflowers or a plague of butterflies were a bit different to the old days. Back then, they would go into battle over a shapely eyebrow or the curve of a thigh. Today…

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Originally from the outback deserts, I now live in the mountains above the Molonglo High Plains, near to the Australian alps. After a career in public law, I am taking a little time to reflect and regroup. Watching the world and telling stories.

I love old tales and wild places. A lifetime ago, I started writing about this in a book on game theory: Syntaxis. But lawyers don’t get much time to tell their own stories or pick their own paths. Instead, I was put to work building the constitution of a newly formed state and rewriting its civil law. In the course of this I joined a small group of people who, across the ages, have studied our most ancient laws, igniting a lifelong interest in the Danelaw and Norse history.

At works end, I used to count a republican form of government, a uniform law of defamation and effective financial management laws as personal achievements.

These days I hunt different experiences, writing books, lecturing on public policy and hunting waterfalls.

Ancora Tu (2016)
The Dragons Eye Diptych (2015-16)
Three Wishes (2015)
Looking for Spring (2015)
Catalyst (2015)
Syntaxis (1984)

In progress:
In Praise of Summer (2018)
The New Adventures of Vampire Girl (2018)
Wild Waterfalls of South East Australia (2018)

Cliff Side (2016)
Recipe Book: Catherine Victoria Edmonstone (food) (2015)
Chant Neoen (sound clip) (2015)
An Australian Wedding (2016)
The Kormak and Steingerd Cycle (collection) (2014)
The Long Tailor (collection) (2014)
Troublesomebooks (2014)
The Wolves of Ragnarök Cycle (fragments) (2006 -14)
Poetry (fragments) (2006-2014)

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