Clarissa and the Poor Relations

A hoot of a Regency Romance, full of froth and wit.


In Regency England Mrs Thorne’s School for Young Ladies is about to close due to the death of young Clarissa’s mother a year ago.This leaves eighteen-year-old Clarissa Thorne and her three school mistress friends no option but to return to the bosom of their families as despised ‘poor relations’ – at everyone’s beck and call for all their lives.
But Clarissa has just inherited Ashcroft , a large crumbling estate, and she offers her companions an escape – run away with her to a life of independence and adventure. They must put the estate to rights with little money and less experience. Can sensible Miss Micklethwaite, aging romantic Miss Appleby and the beautiful Miss Oriana Petersham escape their fate? To keep the vivacious, impulsive Clarissa in check they must at least try.
However, their relatives may have other plans.
Meeting the Earl of Grandiston and his companion (a devotee of the divine Oriana) on the road sets hilarious events in motion. Perhaps to adventure the ladies must add romance…


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    Alicia Cameron is a crime writer with another indulgence – I have always enjoyed the work of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, loving the Regency period and the romance, but especially the wit of the authors.
    My interest in crime probably started with the awful kleptomania of my family, stealing these books from each others shelves. Eventually I wrote Clarissa and the Poor Relations for them and was persuaded to share it here.
    I’m not to be confused with the other Alicia Cameron, who writes very raunchy things indeed – I’m sure excellently.
    Clarissa has very little raunch and a great deal of silliness.