When The Butterflies Flew Away

An allegorical introduction to The Holocaust for younger readers.


When the evil Roole invades Sophie’s country, she and her family, because they are”different,” are sent to live in the little star shaped city where everyone fears for their future and talks about the mysterious trains to the East. While she is there, Sophie meets The Art Lady and Rolf who are trying to make things more bearable for the children. Based on a true story of The Holocaust, When the Butterflies Flew Away is about having hope in difficult situations and learning to appreciate people because of and in spite of their difference. Read on and discover what happened when the butterflies flew away.


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Lynn Murphy is a certified teacher with endorsements in Art and English. She has a degree in Journalism and Art from Mercer University and is married with two sons. She lives in a small town south of Atlanta, GA. A two time recipient of the Margot Stern Strom Teaching Award from Facing and a semi finalist for the Irena Sendlar Award, she is the author of a number of novels in the genres of historical fiction, YA, contemporary fiction and inspirational romance.