The Vagabond Cat

This is the story of a beautiful cat called Mateo and his owner, a poor bricklayer who struggled to make ends meet. But it is also the story of three children and their unpredictable behaviour, and the story of an old lady and her peculiar little world, and the story of a beautiful model and her crazy boyfriend.

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It is basically the story of you and me and people like us; ordinary people who lead ordinary lives, and our simple but at the same time complex little worlds. It is also a story about relationships, and things that bond us to other human beings, and virtues and defects, and intrinsic characteristics… Well, I’d better start with the story and you will be able to tell for yourself.


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Elena Horas San Martin is a Spanish writer and translator who has lived in the UK for more than twenty years. She is the author of many books and short stories for children, such as The Vagabond Cat, The Teddy Bear, Five Letters and a Number which was short-listed in the Lichfield and District Writers’ Short Story Competition and Peter the Shoemaker which has been long-listed in the Fish Short Story Prize 2013/2014. She has also written Jesus’ Parables Interpreted, an informative and reflective book, and Learning Spanish, a book which teaches Spanish to secondary school children.