Sharon Karaa

The Last Challenge

Lauren’s life is in danger and her only defence is her skill (non-existent), her familiar (a beer swilling demon), a moody warlock who’s too sexy for his own good, and her ancestor, Agnes, who has been dead for 400 years. Oh boy, is she in trouble!

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Did Lauren Rutherford, believe in luck? Absolutely. After all, he lived in her house and his first name was Bad. Did Lauren Rutherford believe in magic? Absolutely not. But sometimes life just loves to prove you wrong.

Lauren Rutherford knows is a woman of many failings. She can’t cook, she can’t hold down a serious relationship and she can’t manage her money worth a damn. What she doesn’t know is that she’s the last descendant of a long line of witches. She needs to learn her craft, and fast, because the only thing between her and certain death is Agnes, her long-dead ancestor who has a foul mouth and a passion for G-strings, and Daniel, a sexy as hell male witch who drives her to distraction.

Lauren is the victim of a four hundred year old curse. Her life depends on her surviving a challenge set down by three damned souls, a challenge that will take her to hell and back. Literally. And Satan doesn’t do tea and scones!

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