MaryAnn Clarke

Single Dad in Studio 7D

Researcher Lucy Clough temporarily moves into a friend’s studio to work on an important legacy project. Time is short and Lucy can’t afford distractions. Until she meets the sad, sweet and sexy single dad in Studio 7D


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M A Clarke Scott’s early loves included two things: books and art. In her world view, blank white pages, canvasses and even blank white walls, were begging for her creations.

Neither of these passions have waned, despite all the other adventures she’s had in the meantime. She wrote her first romance novel at the age of nine, but soon abandoned both writing and drawing for a career in architecture, then an academic career in environmental gerontology. Tiring of both, and still none the richer, she has returned to her first loves, writing and art.

M A lives with a small menagerie of large men and small mammals on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia, and though she knows she lives in paradise, still loves traveling the world in search of romance and adventure.