Little Red Gem

Ruby is scared Leo will dump her when she tells him she’s pregnant. She dies in a car crash before she can tell him and only finds out she’s dead when her half-sister Audrey uses magic to tell her. Ruby decides the same magic can be used to be with Leo, but there’s a catch, she can only return as Audrey.
Convinced Leo will know it’s her inside, when she reveals her identity he rejects her. Doubting they were ever soul mates she returns to the afterlife. There she is given a watch to reverse time. But how far back does she go?


When Ruby Parker dies in a car crash and returns to her home town as a ghost, her half-sister Audrey uses magic to prove she’s dead. Ruby decides that if magic can cross the realms, she’ll use magic to be with her boyfriend Leo, because she died before she could tell him she was pregnant and she needs to know if he would have stuck around or left her to raise a child on her own, the way her dad had run out on her mom. But there’s a catch, she can only inhabit a living person, so she tricks Audrey into swapping bodies.

Convinced Leo will know it’s her and not Audrey, when she reveals her identity, Leo thinks it’s a horrible joke and rejects her. Now, wondering if they were ever soul mates, Ruby returns to the afterlife to spend eternity with the other ghosts who haunt the cabin in the woods. One of the ghosts feels sorry for her and gives her a watch that possesses magic and will grant one wish. But if magic got her into trouble, how can it get her out of it? And if it does work, and she can wish to do her time over, how far back should she go?


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D L Richardson started writing in 1996 when her influences were Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and Anne Rice. Her writing goal is to be as prolific and successful as her writing heroes. She currently has three young adult fiction novels published and is working on an apocalyptic series and a dystopian series. Two of her young adult novels, Feedback and The Bird with the Broken Wing were #1 and #2 bestsellers and Highest Rated Young Adult Fiction ebooks OmniLit. Her novel, Little Red Gem was 2nd place in the 2013 Paranormal Cravings Best of Standalone YA books, was a Highest Rated Young Adult ebook OmniLit, and the book trailer which features an original song by the author was featured on USA Today website. She is also a workshop presenter at local writer centres.