Sharon Karaa

Bite the Big One

Jennifer Owens was stunned. The man of her dreams just appears in her life complete with sexy butt, blue eyes and a star on his forehead. Now comes the kicker. He says he’s a vampire slayer. She thinks he’s the product of one of her best friend’s dodgy spells. After all, who believes in vampires?

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Jennifer Owens had her fair share of troubles, what with being pestered by dead people and having to dodge the well-intentioned spells cast by her best friend, Becky. On top of that, she has to contend with a sex-mad octogenarian who seemed to be stalking her. She didn’t think things could get any worse. But that was before she became the target of a band of vampires who wanted to protect a secret that only she could unlock, if only she could figure out what it was. A steaming hot vampire slayer is determined to be her knight in shining armour, but is he real or another one of Becky’s silly spells? And would they be able to figure out the vampire secret before she becomes their dinner?

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