Sharon Karaa

Accidents Happen

Life is a bitch, but if Tabitha Brownlee is to be believed, Death is an alcoholic megalomaniac with a penchant for single malt and eyebrows that meet in the middle. The problem? She’s getting hitched in a week and He alone has the power to put her soul back into her body and evict the son of a bitch who has taken her place, before her reputation and her wedding are completely ruined!

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Tabitha was a true survivor – until she wasn’t. One week before her loveless marriage to a wealthy man, a freak accident causes her soul to trade places with a womanising lush paying penance for his sins as a soul collector. While she waits for Death to unravel the bureaucratic red-tape and return her to her life, she’s forced to take on Mort’s duties, accompanied by the sexiest but rudest man she’s ever met.

Cooper was a bank manager until his demise, and he’s got a lot of making up to do. He’s determined to be the best damn soul collector heav…he…Death has ever seen. Saddled with baby-sitting the soul of a selfish, amoral airhead, he’s determined to teach her a lesson.

Can Tabitha convince Death to switch her back before her wedding and her reputation are ruined? Will Cooper make her see the error of her ways? Or will Fate have the last laugh and teach them all a lesson in love?

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