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ALL ABOUT CATS: Entertaining Cat Tales: History, Personality, Daily Life, Health, Habits, and Much More

DO YOU LOVE CATS? Around 50 short, entertaining tales narrated by Freddy the Cat about the wonderful world of his own species.


Do you love cats? Narrated by Freddy the Cat, these entertaining tales will provide you with an enjoyable overview of those adorable, independent-minded, and loving animals that form such an important part of our daily lives.

With around fifty short stories that range from the serious to the comical, you can explore a great variety of details about everything from feline worship in Ancient Egypt to their present-day habits, characteristics, personalities, health care, and much more. And all of this is written from a cat’s perspective about his own species!

All About Cats—immerse yourself in the wonderful world of cats today!

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Tygo Tales: Open your mind to new ideas and your heart to new feelings.

Tygo Lee is a free spirit who has spent over half his life working in many different countries and regions of the world. He thus clearly understands that our differences should be celebrated rather than criticized or feared, and that peace is always preferable to conflict.

Tygo also realizes that our outward appearance as well as our age, race, education level, and much more are quite insignificant in comparison with our inner character and values in getting to know “the real person.”

With imagination and insight, his publications range from the serious to the carefree and humorous, expressed through magical fables, fairy tales, inspirational stories, entertaining cat tales, and reflections.

Join Tygo in his quest of discovering how our inner magic can help us improve our relationships and live more happily and peacefully.