Unit 400: The Assassins

The sequel to Cooper’s Revenge, this 2014 thriller is set in Iran and the U.S., where an Iranian Qods Force assassination squad is seeking to avenge an attack on one of its terrorist training camps in Iran.

Former Navy SEAL, Logan Alexander and a team of special forces operatives destroyed this camp in book 1, Cooper’s Revenge, and the assassins want to exact their revenge. They have already killed one member of the team. How soon will it be before they strike again?

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Unit 400 is a squad of Iranian Qods Force covert personnel charged with carrying out assassinations. Modeled after the ancient Hashashin, described by Marco Polo, these modern day killers actually exist. They have engaged in a number of high profile assassination attempts against their enemies in recent years.

In this fictional account, Unit 400 is tasked with finding and eliminating the perpetrators of a lethal attack on a terrorist training camp deep inside Iran. This attack had been carried out almost a year earlier by a group of U.S. Special Forces operators led by former Navy SEAL, Logan Alexander, and funded by a Kuwaiti billionaire whose own nephew, a disaffected youth, who had been recruited by the Qods Force, but subsequently was blown up in a training accident.

A sophisticated game of cat and mouse takes our hero to South America, Europe and across the U.S. as the assassins plot their revenge. There is plenty of suspense for everyone, with plot twists and turns aplenty, as our protagonist matches wits against the stealthy assassins.


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T.L. Williams is an award winning American author. His debut novel, Cooper’s Revenge, was published in 2013; the sequel, Unit 400: The Assassins, was released in 2014. Both books are set in the Middle East and deal with Iran’s support for terrorism. His third novel, Zero Day: China’s Cyber Wars will be published in 2015.

Williams is a retired veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, where he worked as an Operations Officer spanning three decades. His work took him to Asia, Europe, Central Eurasia, and the Americas. He lives with his wife, Carol in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.