A.L. Exley

The Runestone Guardians

Three teenagers must learn to be heroes when the magic that controls their kingdom is threatened.

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A war is raging between the kingdoms of Sølvefalske and the Sutherlands. Both are weakening, and praying for the Wolf Princess to come and end the violence. Luckily, she may have just arrived.
Ylvana Mikkelson enjoys her power to shift and tries to ignore the fact that she might be a hero. But when she is kidnapped and left in a vast wilderness, she can no longer avoid her fate.
Jay Fenrir may be the Sutherland prince, but he is despises by his fellow soldiers for his magical ability. His father gives him the chance to earn their favore by completing a quest: stop the Wolf Princess.
Miria is the future Queen of Sølvefalske, and can already feel the weight on inheriting a war-torn kingdom on her shoulders. When her cousin is kiddnaped, she decides to embark on a rescue mission, despite not knowing the first thing about nature.
In order for all three to succeed, they must learn the secrets of their kingdoms, their history, and their own abilities. If they hope to end the war, they must become Runestone Guardians.

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