The Road to Armageddon

The Road to Armageddon is a compelling story of one family’s struggle, survival and redemption during the Great Tribulation foretold in the Book of Revelations.


reads the poster spread far and wide by International Financial Services.

Mark Bishop is a family man with a wife, a teen-aged son and too much month left when the money runs out. He needs financial resources. International Financial Services (IFS) can offer him those resources, but there’s a catch.

Ken Clifford, IFS manager for the Americas, has a psychological obsession. It doesn’t matter what he has to do or who he has to hurt, he will control his domain. Clifford loathes people like Mark Bishop who defy his authority.

Ken Clifford’s boss, Gerhardt Schmidt (the Antichrist), known in financial circles as “The Cardinal”, is CEO of IFS. Schmidt is commanded by Satan, “The Serpent”, whose mission is control of every human being on Earth. The supply of every conceivable essential resource is rationed by IFS.

Impossible? Mark Bishop thought so.

Now, Mark and his family are prey. Homeless and hungry, they are caught in the world-wide struggle of good versus evil leading to the Battle of Armageddon. Can they, or any human, survive treachery, hostility, slavery, natural disasters, disease, and starvation?

Will Clifford successfully take the Bishop family ‘dead or alive’ to satisfy his ego and ensure obedience at any cost?


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Clabe Polk is into a second career as a writer of fiction.  So far, he has written two novels, several short stories, assorted screen plays and has a couple of novels in process. He is a life-long reader with a great variety of life experiences that has led him to write a variety of different types of fiction.

Mr. Polk retired after nearly thirty-seven years in professional environmental protection, that included administrative, civil, and criminal law enforcement.  Having studied Marine Zoology and natural sciences at the University of South Florida, he has spent most of his life among the woods, waters, fields and farms of Florida and Georgia.

He currently lives in Powder Springs, Georgia with his wife, two daughters and the family’s cockerpoo named ‘Annie’.