The Garden of Souls

Two archaeologists discover an ancient map filled with bizarre symbols leading to the Cave of Abraham. What they find inside the cave changes the world forever.


During a routine archaeological excavation in Israel, two archaeologists, a priest and his best friend, uncover an unusual map that leads to the Biblical burial cave of Abraham and Sarah. While on their expedition to locate the cave, antiquity thieves learn of their quest and relentlessly pursue the archaeologists, hoping to sell the famous bones on the black market for millions, maybe more. The thieves, who are willing to risk murder to secure the theft, are limited only by a determined FBI Agent, who is willing to risk his life to protect the archaeologists, and a young woman, who is being used by the thieves to gain information about their quest. What they all find in the cave is well beyond the historical and biblical discovery of the bodies. What they find changes their lives and the lives of all mankind, forever.


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