The Case of the Ugly Bug Virus

It’s the World Wide Web – but not as you know it…


Talking Insects. Webmaster spiders. Dragonfly Airways. Welcome to the world of Dirk Beetle. His Detective Agency has got to uncover the secret of the Ugly Bug Virus. Like, where it came from! And, how to stop it! Book One of the Dirk Beetle Detective Agency series.


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I’ve always loved writing. It grabs me, and time stops while I’m in the thick of it. Always an effort to start, but nevertheless rewarding. So I’ve made more time for it in recent years, and this has been a source of great happiness for me.

My mother, Christina Barritt, had a passion for books and reading, and she made sure that her family always had a ready supply of quality children’s literature to hand. Thus inspired, I began writing stories at an early age, and they got rather longer, over time! During the hot Summer of ’76 I wrote my first novel, a science fiction book called The War of Herus V. It was appallingly bad! But it showed me that I had the resilience and determination it takes to write something of that length. However, I stuck to free-lancing with articles for some years after that, before venturing into fiction again.

In the mid ‘80s, I wrote a children’s adventure book, The Secret of the Mermaid’s Treasure. This was illustrated by my mother, who was very familiar with all the places described in the book. The illustrations were mainly drafts at that stage, and I was also unable to find a publisher. But when I eventually came to re-publish the book in 2012 on Amazon, I found that the illustrations reproduced well in electronic format, and some even in printed form. The book was set in the west of Cornwall, where our family had lived until 1961 and which still remains a very special place for us all.

My other long-term creative activity has been editing Areopagus Magazine, which I founded as a Small Press publication in 1990, as a special interest publication for Christian writers. We have recently printed our 100th edition.

In 2002, together with my (Cornish-born) wife Gillian, I finally moved back to Cornwall. So now I don’t have to travel far to research my next children’s adventure book. Currently I’m studying obscure beaches. Which should be pleasant enough come the Summer…

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