Knights of the Full Moon (book #4) “of Knights and Wizards”

The source of magic is releasing an excessive amount of magical ingredients into the world with dire consequences. Never before seen monsters, dragons with no wings and whales floating up and out of the sea. Marcus and his dragon friend who’s also a sorcerer tried but failed to contain the source.
What will happen to this magical world now?

An epic fantasy of sword and sorcery, medieval adventure, romance, and magic. Sprinkled with humor. Arthurian with lots of twists and turns. Ever changing enchantment makes life a complicated affair.


“A.J. Gallant is back and Knights of the Full Moon has got to be right up there as one of his best medieval fantasies to date. Seriously, who else could come up with a volcano erupting and spewing too many magical particles into the atmosphere? Of course, these particles are causing an imbalance in the natural magical way of things and the changes could be catastrophic. Will there become an overabundance of sorcerers? Will pigs fly?

The fate of the world may rest on the wings of one sorcerer dragon and the young man he calls father. Soar to new heights with Ash and Marcus. If they fail, who can stop the volcano’s devastation? Sometimes it only takes a detective work to find the answers, but how many magical PI’s can there be? Enter one determined young lady, her newfound magic and the discovery of a magical library, just hope her library card is current…

Need a few chuckles? Need some light, but action-packed fantasy? Ever want a character to just say exactly what you are thinking? Leave it to A,J, Gallant to stamp his work with his signature style and a little quirkiness on the way. Fantasy and the days of olde should sometimes be fun, magical and always full of surprises, with characters that will bring life to each word spoken.
This series has been a great treat, nothing too dark, a lot of the unexpected and entertaining from start to finish. With A.J. Gallant, expect to read to the beat of a different drummer.”


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