Knight of the Sword (Book #3)

Princess Alexa is on a quest as Marcus continues to struggle with craft.


“Marcus still hasn’t mastered his powers, he’s not the suave and in control wizard he would like to be. Now poor Marcus is now contending with courting and try as he may, is fumbling around in the dark, trying to win his lady’s favor. How long will Raina wait for his full attention? Is she being too demanding? Marcus has been warned that he must find and keep the Staff of Herding, a powerful magical tool for its owner out of the hands of three dark sorcerers. But is it too late? Who is the guardian that protects this staff? How can anyone get past such a powerful protector who has hidden it away deep where no one would dare to look.

Meanwhile, in a dragon cave, a young and powerful dragon wizard is growing into his powers, but what does he have to do with Marcus? In a world filled with magic, will their paths cross again? A powerful sword, that can only be handled by the pure of soul has become a quest for Princess Alexa as she sets off on a deadly quest to retrieve this sword and bring it home as a gift. Can the sword help win back the stolen staff? Will Marcus finally come into his own and get a handle on his magic or will evil overtake the world?

Controlled chaos, mystical creatures, fairytale creatures, magical beings and baby dragons in danger, get ready to enter a world like no other, where your sense of smell, sight and sound will be taxed to the max within your mind. Mr. Gallant does an excellent job molding his characters without slowing the story, I Could mentally see each character in my mind, picture each scene and laugh at some of the unexpected events that occur. Not your typical fantasy, but a fascinating read that sometimes tips you a little off center with its rough charm, A. J. Gallant has done his job, again! I was entertained, taken to another word, I laughed, I was mesmerized, I journeyed near and far with a cast of quirky, brave and sometimes gross characters that almost started to feel like friends. Gotta love baby dragons! A unique series that doesn’t’ quite fit the mold one would expect and I have loved every book for that reason.”


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