Kael Jai (Books 1-4)

Meet Kael Jai. Alien, Alienated. Stuck on this Godforsaken, backward planet called Earth while a madman rules his world.

This is books 1-4 (242,334 words!)

Read the action packed series now!


Kael Jai is an alien exiled to Earth by the priejsts who protect him. Hunted by high-tech robot assassins, he fights for his own planet’s future.


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017cropE. J. Deen has written 50 books in multiple genres, including romance, science fiction, suspense, mainstream and non-fiction. She has won several awards for her writing and has been involved in nearly every aspect of the publishing industry as an author, script-writer, ghost writer, book doctor, and writing contest coordinator. Deen keeps the reader avidly engaged with rich characters and story lines. Her balanced, descriptive writing style makes for an enjoyable, flowing and memorable read.