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After a rudimentary hydrogen bomb erupts half-a-world-away, in a Middle-Eastern oilfield, terrorists advance to destroy American energy reserves. Grit-hardened west Texas roughnecks counter the attack and spur into action the grid-locked wheels of Washington DC, with global reverberation.


Politically, Socially, Emotionally Jolting

Sixteen-year-old Honduran refugee Marla is being prostituted by human traffickers. The coyote truck she’s captive in crashes on a desolate West Texas road. Jarringly, the truck also harbors five armed terrorists. Taken hostage, Marla wonders if she will ever realize her girlhood dream of basking in big-city lights — any lights, in any city.

After a rudimentary H-bomb erupts half-a-world away in a Middle-Eastern oil field, global war appears imminent. Cultural beliefs and raw cowboy personalities fatally clash when terrorists smuggle several obsolete Soviet hydrogen weapons into west Texas. Their mission is an all-out nuclear-radiation assault on American oil fields. This border breach threatens to permanently poison vast strategic U.S. underground petroleum energy reserves.

Amid constant turmoil from production costs, plunging barrel prices, and predictions of a soon-to-be hydrogen-powered world; a handful of oilmen counter attack. Grit-hardened, these small-town roughnecks reluctantly realize that they are all alone with the enemy on the Texas desert. Under a looming cloud of nuclear fallout, they defy the imminent demise of not just their individual careers, but collectively their very lives.

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Ray put three decades into a commercial broadcast career. He anchored two top-rated Texas radio news desks. Now, his books KRILL AMERICA, SIMPLE TRIPLE STANDARD, and H: INFIDELS OF OIL have 5-star ratings on Amazon.

During his journalism career, Ray interviewed astronauts who walked on the moon like Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin and the late Neil A. Armstrong. Ray recalls that “those two, like school kids,” sparred over who spoke the first words on the moon. “Aldrin still contends that he said something about a soft landing just seconds before Armstrong famously reported to Houston that the Eagle had landed.”

U.S. Senators, Governors, Mayors, and a host of other influential notables interviewed with Ray (and they all called him ‘Ray’). His “on and off-the-record” dialogs invoked hundreds of musicians, actors, comedians, sports legends, and daily-dozens of down-to-earth people to speak up or speak out. From those conversations, Ray learned the art of telling a compelling story.

Palla recently said, “I was too young and naive to grasp the ‘forever impact’ of some of them. Like Willie Nelson. I just hope that a piece of Willie’s greatness shines out through me, as a result of my quest to peer into how his success came to be. What an incredible influence some men and women ‘troubadour’ into future generations! I admire those who do.”

Mr. Palla also boasts awards for several national advertising campaign jingles for customers that include Ford, Purina, & Exxon.

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