Carl F. Haupt

Gary Gatlin Reluctant Hero – WW2 Trilogy, book 1

Sent by his parents to Formosa to learn Japanese fruit cultivation techniques, 19-year old Gary Gatlin raises suspicions on his first day on the island when he defends a market vendor from Japanese soldiers. After the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Gary becomes a wanted man. Aided by rebel tribesmen he has befriended, Gary escapes the island on a freighter, only to be marooned on an uncharted atoll where he once again is drawn into a battle that settles the score once and for all.


This Is the World War II Book Series You’ve Been Waiting For – a la Jason Bourne

Sworn to help his family’s farm, American Gary Gatlin must find his own way around Japanese-occupied Taiwan (Formosa), always under the watchful eye of brigands and austere military officials. What if this tall American were a spy?

Gary Gatlin: Reluctant Hero, the first book in Carl Haupt’s eagerly-anticipated World War II trilogy, brings the uncertainty and excitement of the Pacific theater to life, all the way to the seat of a fighter plane during some of the most tense, heart-pounding moments. He wasn’t looking for adventure or trouble, but they always had a way of finding him. From sabotage to theft to kidnapping. Hidden gold coins to shark-filled waters to fatal bombings. Gary finds a way to survive.

But who is Gary Gatlin? He is the hero that every man wants to be and every woman loves. A chance encounter alters the course of Gary’s simple German-American childhood in Utah, changing his destiny forever. But is he up to the task? Can he make his family proud?

On the eve of World War II, Japanese-occupied Taiwan is a dangerous place for an American, but he’s armed with his parents’ values, a stack of agricultural journals, jiu jitsu lessons and knowledge of Japanese poetry. Can Gary summon the courage to do what’s right, even when he constantly finds his life in danger? Gary is a man of honor, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Gary is dedicated to learning advanced farming techniques and earning the trust of Japanese farmers and Chinese fruit sellers. But he must also gain the trust of foreign spies, local kidnappers, untrusting military officials and a beautiful, headstrong woman who he may never see again. Will Gary be able to make it out alive?

If you’re drawn to tales of World War II and ships, planes and sturdy characters from the 1940s, then you won’t be able to resist the story of Gary Gatlin: Reluctant Hero (Book 1). Carl Haupt’s first title in the series is a fascinating window into a unique time, a unique place, a unique man and a very unique turn of events. You’ll never look at World War II’s Pacific theater in the same way!

This is the story of a lifetime.

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