Tragedy befalls a young firefighter and he grapples with the consequences of his actions and his battle with madness while his world pushes him away. Even in the most unlikely place, love finds him, and he resolves to escape, whatever the cost.


Conor is a novel evocative of the thin veil lying between sanity and madness, and the tragedy of a broken love story and a rebirth from society’s forgotten dregs of a broken man, rejected by family, friends, and peers, forced to break his own rules and deny his own upbringing to find love and freedom once more. A young fireman accidentally kills a young girl and slips into madness only to find himself incarcerated and without any access to his unborn baby. Love hasn’t abandoned him, however, and inspires him to rediscover his freedom in the only way he can.

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    Joanna Bollard

    I really liked reading this book, the evil mum in law, the deeply flawed main character with a tenuous grip on reality coping with a world that rejected him.

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Joseph Edward Denham was born in Dublin, Ireland and lives on coffee, sugar, and some indescribable canteen food that seems easier to eat than nothing in his day-job, and is typically found with children attached, which leaves him precious little time to spend time in his favourite place, his head.