Jonathan G. Meyer

Al Clark-Avalon

There are perfect planets waiting to be settled. Where humans can thrive. They think they have found one. Never judge a world until you have lived there.


There are planets humans are not meant to settle; beautiful picturesque places that appear idyllic and harmless. The world they select is one such place.

The second installment in the AL CLARK Trilogy has Al tasked with ensuring the safety of a fledgling Earth colony established on a world called Avalon.

What they couldn’t know was paradise has a price.

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Jonathan G. Meyer is the author of AL CLARK (Book 1) and AL CLARK-Avalon (Book 2) and is currently in the process of completing the third book in the AL CLARK Trilogy called AL CLARK-Thera. He has loved Science Fiction since childhood and has read extensively in the genre. Jonathan is a retired electrician and has dabbled in artwork including pen and pencil, Copic markers, and painting. He spends his time writing, drawing, and loving his children and grandchildren.