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Aegis Chronicles are short stories featuring characters from the bestselling Aegis League Series.

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A baffling search for missing teenagers. An unrequited relationship. A darkness descending on humanity’s horizon.

Gwen Mboya feels like her life is on a triple-loop roller coaster clinging to its rails.

The mysterious disappearances of teenagers around the country, vanished without a trace. Many lived on the streets, others from regular homes. All brilliant. All gone.

Then there’s Marshall, a fifth-generation Sentry like her sent by the Elders of Dema-Ki, the scions of a long lost civilization, to keep the torch of goodness burning in the world. A heart of gold, a loyal friend, defender of the light. The rugged ex-Marine is, however, blind to her feelings for him. Will he ever see through her bold facade?

A growing disturbance in the fabric of life—Sentries around the world have sensed its increasing frequency. What does it mean? Is the time for the prophecy at hand? Is the arrival of the Chosen Ones imminent?

As she navigates this maze, Gwen must unravel the enigma of the missing kids and find out if it is linked to the darkness descending on humanity’s horizon. What then are the sacrifices that lay before her as a Sentry?

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Amazon Bestselling author S.S. Segran is a lover of books, dogs, adventures, and all the popcorn she can stuff her face with. Her genre-defying Aegis League Series traverses the exciting worlds of action/adventure, sci-fi, thriller and speculative fiction in the YA universe. Even as she delves into her creative endeavors, she intends to support youths in developing countries realize their potential through her non-profit organization, AegisLeague.org.

When not devouring a novel or writing one, Segran can be found drawing on paper and tablet, or tumbling into a black hole of comic books and video games. She’s an ardent fan of horseback riding and parkour, and having enjoyed jumping out of a perfectly fine plane at fifteen thousand feet — perhaps skydiving.

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