A Little Night Music

A modern day teenager finds the journal of a young girl imprisoned in a concentration camp and discovers that she has much in common with the author.

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An old trunk filled with an assortment of odd items; an old violin, a worn leather journal, a long black dress, a blue and white striped jacket with a yellow star and a box of photographs, including one of a man in a Nazi uniform. This is what Waverly finds in the attic of the house where she has recently come to live, having been saved by an elderly aunt from the foster care system. As Waverly reads the journal, written by a young girl her age named Katerina during the Holocaust, she finds that she can relate her own painful past to Kat’s. Why are these items in her aunt’s attic? Who was Katerina and how is she tied to Waverly’s family? The answers lie hidden in the night music.


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Lynn Murphy is a certified teacher with endorsements in Art and English. She has a degree in Journalism and Art from Mercer University and is married with two sons. She lives in a small town south of Atlanta, GA. A two time recipient of the Margot Stern Strom Teaching Award from Facing and a semi finalist for the Irena Sendlar Award, she is the author of a number of novels in the genres of historical fiction, YA, contemporary fiction and inspirational romance.