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We get hundreds of clicks per day on our Twitter network. Get the word out on anything related to your books. Send a tweet to tens of thousands of follower across several twitter accounts. (This will also be viewable on this website and its RSS feed. So they will be indexed by search engines.) Announce a new book, giveaway, special, or post catchy line from your book. Whatever you want to promote your book. (Obviously it should be book related and appropriate. Nothing offensive here. It may take 30 minutes to be tweeted.) You can see the tweets here.

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Tweets will be archived on this site. We will insert a link to it here automatically. You can actually write as much as you want in a tweet, it will be treated as a blog post on this site. BUT, keep in mind that only the first 160 characters will be seen on Twitter. Use your hashtags in the beginning, along with something catchy to get them to click on the link. Once followers click the link they will go to the full post. You can also put a direct link in the first 160 characters (Amazon etc.) and then both links will be available.

We recommend that you write the first part geared as a tweet and then elaborate after that for people who see the tweet here. You add other links at the end also, such as your website. Remember, these will b indexed by search engines for ongoing visibility. If possible, use keywords people may search for.

Tweet stats that appear in the admin only show views on this site. The do not show direct clicks to other websites. (Amazon, your website etc.) The actual number of clicks may be much higher.