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Author Interview: Sean Pancirov

Sean Pancirov is an independent author and publisher from Las Vegas, NV.

  • : A book titled, "The Laptop Millionaire," inspired me to become an author, specifically the chapter on self publishing.
  • : Yes I do.
  • : For quite some time now I have been researching and implementing ways to make money on the Internet, consequently I have accumulated a large collection of tools and resources for managing every aspect of an online business. One day it occurred to me that if somebody had offered to sell me my resource collection when I first got started with my business, I would have been more than happy to buy it, as it would've saved me hours of research and made me much more productive. That is when I decided to put my resources collection into the form of an e-book so that others can benefit from it.
  • : In 2018.
  • : I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. I believe this has made me very blunt and straightforward in my writing style.
  • : In the afternoon.
  • : I'm currently building a directory of websites that people can make money on.
  • : Either having fun with my family, or looking for ways to make more money online.
  • : When I have an idea for a book, I begin writing down every detail of that idea, so I basically brainstorm on paper. Once I feel as though I have developed my idea enough, I then organize all the details into a rough outline. Once I have the rough outline, I begin doing any research needed for the book and developing the outline more. Once I have all of the details of my outline written out, I then create a final outline. At that point is when I begin writing the rough draft of my book. Once I have a completed rough draft, I go through and edit the rough draft several times until I have a version of the book draft that I feel can be my final draft. I then format my manuscript as needed, and submit it to be published and distributed.
  • : The Laptop Millionaire, Outwitting The Devil, and The Impersonal Life. All three books have inspired me to create the business that I have today.
  • : Aside from writing, I am also a Digital Marketing Consultant.
  • : My Samsung phone.
  • : I design the cover myself using a website called Canva.
  • : At first I just let it flow, but eventually I organize all my thoughts and research into a detailed outline.
  • : Creating something that offers people a lot of value.
  • : Visit the below URL:
  • : Write down all of your ideas, have a way to keep yourself motivated, and always be seeking inspiration.
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