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Author Interview: Robert Kimbrell

As a lonely only child, Robert could mostly be found drawing or writing in a mid-sized Ohio town. Since those days in the early seventies, he has battled painful moments and depression. Now he is happy, where he wants to be, and telling the stories he is meant to tell.

His other interests include reading, motorcycle touring, fitness.

  • : It took me awhile to figure out that writing was one of the best outlets for my imagination. Once I quit being so timid about society and what people thought about me, I was able to focus on my true purposes.
  • : I do. It was written with one of those thick, yellow pencils we used in Kindergarten. I tried to write a short story about a lonely boy around Christmas time. At the time, The newer Twilight Zone stories were on TV and so was The Amazing Stories. So I tried to give the story a similar flair. Maybe I'll show those pages at some point.
  • : Actually, the Vigilante Annie Scarlotte ebooks is a 3 part series. If I say too much about books 1 or 2, it will give away too much of book 3 because I can't keep my mouth shut. And since book 3 is coming out soon, I better keep major details to myself. In short, the series is about a woman who is stricken with a special ability. Umm, she has fangs. This is not a typical vampire story, however. She decides to use her ability for good, and of course she has her own demons to conquer. I try to be the most forward-thinking, most positive person possible. I believe when we learn to be that way, we are most free to be creative and happy. Anyway, despite this, I find it hard to ignore the amazing evil happening in the world. There has always been evil, but today with beheadings and child sex slavery and on and on; I felt it was time for a vigilante. I don't believe in anarchy. But maybe there comes a time when a woman like Annie Scarlotte, a woman who has this remarkable talent, uses it to directly confront evil.
  • : I grew up in what at the time was a relatively small town. I was an overprotected only child, but not spoiled. In fact, my childhood was filled with sadness, pain, and loneliness. Not complaining, it just was. And I think that is why anything I write may have a certain level of dark subtext to it.
  • : In the pipeline is an erotic short about how Elisa and Jackie met. Will be interesting to see who is still willing to be around me once this is out! Oh, and since I love the Steampunk realm, there is a Steampunk-themed mystery I am working on as soon as Vigilante Annie Book 3 is out. I think this one will involve Elisa and Rolls. I'm outlining it now.
  • : Weight training keeps me vibrant and sane. I read, and love to hop on my NC 700 x and tour to wherever my fancy tells me.
  • : Ayn Rand may get a bad rap from a few, but like many, I fell in love with Atlas Shrugged. The story does such a great job of displaying what happens when a corrupt and powerful government seeks to control every facet of our lives. It does this without being preachy, too. And Dagny Taggart, talk about feminism! But Ayn Rand had first-hand experiences in Russia when she was a small girl. And I don't care if she was an atheist. A good idea is a good idea.
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  1. I have read all of his books so far. Great storyteller! Can’t wait till Book 3 of “Vigilante, Annie Scarlette” !

  2. Wonderfully written books. The Annie series are a must read. I am excited for book 3!!!!

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