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Author Interview: Robert Collins

Robert Collins lives in Kansas, and writes science fiction and fantasy. He’s written novels, novellas, and short stories, and has series and stand-alone works. He hopes you’ll buy and enjoy his writing so that one day he can move into a tiny house.

  • : I was always an imaginative child. I became interested in science fiction & fantasy when "Star Wars" came out. I sought out all I could find. One of the books I read was "Asimov on Science Fiction." It was full of essays by Isaac Asimov, including essays on writing. I believe I made the connection that I could put my imagination to good use by writing. That's why I wanted to write. I had stories to tell, and I'd found a way to tell them.
  • : Just writing? Junior high school. Professionally? 1987. I sold my first short story in 1990. Published a travel booklet in 1992. My first book published by a small press came out in 1996. My first novel was published in 2005.
  • : I have two scheduled writing sessions during the day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. I also have a scheduled session for Saturday mornings.
  • : I listen to music. I read as much as I can. When the new season comes around, I watch "Doctor Who."
  • : I sit down and write. Almost always I have an outline I work from. My goal is to write 4 pages per writing session. It's a goal I can usually make, and making the goal keeps me writing, along with wanting to finish what I'm working on.
  • : My iPhone.
  • : Outline. I might not fully stick to the outline. Usually I don't. But having something to work with keeps me from getting blocked.
  • : Having someone tell me they liked something I wrote.
  • : My blog, "One Kansas Author" -
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