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Author Interview: Peter Hill also writes as John Eyers

I grew up surrounded by five aunts, my mother and my grandmother all of whom ran well organised households and kept their husbands mostly in order, taking their wages and returning modest amounts in beer money. They were happy men. So it came about that I am an admirer of women and have never understood men who were not. So these days most of my characters are women – and they tend to be in charge. Not at my home of course!

  • : It seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • : No. It was too long ago and probably best forgotten anyway.
  • : See bio. If women were as completely in charge as men have been for centuries, how would things be different, in fact would they be different? How could such a change come about?
  • : At school, at the age of thirteen I edited the school magazine and wrote most of the content.
  • : My physical location did not influence me until I had reached adulthood, then only as location settings.
  • : When I can't procrastinate any longer.
  • : My current project is 'The Ladies Game', the second book in a future fiction series called 'Evolution's Path'. Being edited and proof read now and due for publication later in 2015.
  • : Thinking about stories and, when I get the chance, fishing.
  • : Sit in front of the computer and force myself to confront the tyranny of the blank page.
  • : Many, many, but all of Tolkien. What a storyteller!
  • : Apart from writing I have been gainfully unemployed for many years. I did go over to the dark side and work for television for a while after I stopped being a murder investigator at Scotland Yard.
  • : Amazon Kindle Touch.
  • : With considerable apprehension and many changes of mind.
  • : Bit of both actually.
  • : Finishing a complicated story and knowing the plot holds together.
  • : There are seven as Peter Hill and two as John Eyers, all available via the author pages on Amazon.
  • : Come and join me round the camp fire of our shared imagination and I will tell you a story. Promise.
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