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Author Interview: nikki broadwell

I worked as an artist for many years before I came into writing, but once I began I couldn’t stop! Now I have eight books out and I’m working on number nine. I live in Tucson next to the Catalina mountains with my husband of thirty five years, a standard poodle and a cat.

  • : I went to a workshop because I wanted to write a sort of memoir about my parents' life. My father was in prison camp during WW2. It was an emotionally challenging project and so in my spare time I started some 'fun' writing. And that fun writing turned into eight books. The 'memoir' is still on the back burner although I have 400 pages written.
  • : Not really. I wrote a lot as a child and I'm sure they had to do with animals!
  • : My latest book, not yet published, is a murder mystery that takes place in a small New England town. A friend suggested I try the cozy mystery genre and I'm loving it! However, Murder in Plain Sight has taken a slightly paranormal turn
  • : Seriously? Only about 14 years ago. Before that I kept journals and wrote about my travels--just nothing serious.
  • : I am an army brat and lived in many different places, but I would say my main influence is from the time we lived on a farm in /virginia--my father was stationed at the Pentagon at the time and so I spent weekends and summers roaming the woods and fields and making up my own little fantasies.
  • : All times, but I do tend to stop around five.
  • : After I finish my murder mystery I'm working on a sequel to Just Another Desert Sunset.
  • : I spend a lot of time hiking the trails behind my house with my dog. It's beautiful back there. I also do yoga and love to go out to eat!
  • : I usually write a scene and then go back over it and edit. Each morning I tend to reread what I wrote the day before to get my bearings. Sometimes I just edit--that happens mostly when mercury ins in retrograde!
  • : Classics too numerous to mention--Peace Like a River is a favorite, lately I read a book called The Night Circus which is fabulous. I like books that have a slightly quirky edge to them or something spiritual in the sense of odd and paranormal, not religious
  • : I was an artist for many years before I began writing. I had a greeting card business and then I painted on silk doing scarves and wallhangings of animals and birds.
  • : I have a kindle but I have to say I prefer paper--it's hard to thumb back on an e-reader! But I do enjoy the convenience when traveling.
  • : I usually have something in mind--I have several cover artist who I work with online who seem to know me now and what I like.
  • : I never outline and never have, even in school. I tend to sit down and start writing and usually the characters take hold of the project and move it forward!
  • : I love my characters and sometimes they make me laugh so hard I can hardly write! I never thought I would love dialogue but it seems to be a big part of each of my books!
  • : I have a website: I also have an author page on Amazon and a facebook page: And a twitter account @nikkibroadwell
  • : I love having people read my books! I've recently added them to the local library and it's exciting to see them checked out!
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